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The irony doesn’t escape me. I finally get outta my comfort zone and boldly hookup with a guy I met online at Fetlife…we fuck….the actual fucking is OK but certainly not great. He’s young and does the rapid fire style young guys THINK women want but it wasn’t bad just not experienced…BUT…then we went down on me and I can’t BELIEVE how hard I came…i squirted several times in his mouth and i was blown away by the pleasure he brought me. I was grateful and slap happy.  This is a pic of Jake, my P.Y.T who is 22 and i am 41…so this was a first for me and it was naughty and delightful!!!!!!!!! Jake was so cute driving us around from my apt to dinner nearby and then back to my apt to fuck like animals. He’s so cute in his car. He was so adorable and adoring, a nice combination for sure. What a delightful plaything.

I say IRONY ABOUNDS because here i go FINALLY getting sex from someone else because i’m sick of Richard fucking any underaged bitch he wants when he’s not with me and i stay faithful to him….FUCK THAT…literally and figuratively….so i finally find a nice boy to fuck on the side and he’s nice, we’ve text messaged a lot since our fuck in July and we talk on the phone, etc…then he tells me today that he, Jake, has met a girl who wants to be monogamous and he’s going to do it.  he’s sweet saying we can still “play” but we can’t actually fuck….apparently Jake’s little new girlfriend is a psycho jealous girl telling him she won’t share him. fine by me. whatever….so i won’t get to fuck Jake for awhile.  i’ll live.  so back to Richard, he’s always gotten cheap fucks on the side WHILE EARNESTLY TELLING ME I AM HIS SPECIAL GIRL….i am a world apart from them. it’s just sex, but i LOVE you, lisa….yeah yeah….i wanna vomit!  so since Richard can get his cock happy with every fucking nasty whore in town (yes, i’m bitter) then i can have my tawdry fun too. by golly i will….but i admit i wanna see and fuck and makeout and hangout with Jake….i miss the little guy….what can i say….sigh….stupid Richard doesn’t know how INCREDIBLE i am…

I MUST SAY THAT MY YOUNG LOVER JAKE DID BRING ME A WONDERFUL GIFT, I MEAN BESIDES THE INCREDIBLE ORAL SEX THAT MADE MY PUSSY PURR.   JAKE REMINDED ME HOW MUCH I DESERVE TO CLIMAX, CUM, AND BE PLEASURED AND ADORED.  I have MISSED huge orgasms. With Richard I forgot how an orgasm feels. Why?  He is selfish and only cares about HIS pleasure. Richard THINKS he is all that, God’s gift to women in the sex department but honestly, I can’t remember the last time I had ANYTHING CLOSE to an orgasm with Richard. Why? It’s ALL ABOUT HIM and he doesn’t give a shit. Once he said within a pretty casual conversation we had within the last month or so, that he wants me to be happy.  I NEARLY SCREAMED OUT IN REBUTTAL  AND SHOCK…….i said YEAH RIGHT. then he acts sooooo suprised like he’s flabbergasted that I would say that he was lying when he said he wants me to be happy. OF COURSE I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY, baby…why wouldn’t i?  oh please. many times i doubt he wants me to be happy.  How does my happiness factor in when he is hellbent on HIS cock getting off and forgets I have needs too.  I mean sure he’s bigger cockwise and cocky-attitude-wise than most men but that doesn’t exclude him from making sure I feel that i matter. Richard can be a steamroller, blazing over my feelings.  Sure he has nice moments when he’s holding my hand and being sweet in ways but when it’s all said and done, WHY CAN’T I GET OFF AS MUCH AS HE DOES?  Why is it all about Richard’s orgasm with him seemingly forgetting that i wanna cum too! I want to get fucked AND I wanna cum and squirt with amazing orgasms. Why does he not know that?  But I digress….darn, this posting was supposed to be ALL about JAKE and how I’m bummed and a bit surprised that he’s latched onto some possessive girl who is taking him off the market. He’s 22 and I gather she’s his age or thereabouts. so who knows what ‘kids’ do these days. All I know is that I will miss that amazing mouth of his. He has impressive skills at making my pussy purr. Here is a pic of it….yeah, he was that good I gotta post a pic…

He was my first venture into naughty online fuck buddies. I met Jake on Fetlife and boy was he charming. He’s cute. He’s got a baby face. He also was good at knowing that he wasn’t going to sleepover. After fucking several hours (with condoms! i was safe.) around 1am he finally got ready and left. It was all so nice and easy. I felt at ease with him. During the night, after we got back to my place from dinner down the street, we had fun watching videos on YouTube. I had a nice time. He was cute. Such a baby face, young skin. Oh my, I thought looking at him closeup, that yeah, he IS that young….then it just made me horny as hell.  I will miss Jake licking my pussy. I didn’t like how he fucked me while dripping all over me with his body i refer to as the GREAT AMERICAN SWEATING FUCK MACHINE.  Although I had the AC blasting and it was cool as ice in my room, Jake told me that yes, he sweats a lot, and is that a problem? Um, dude, I mentioned it so YEAH it’s a freaking problem are you KIDDING ME? it’s gross. i mean i love normal sweaty sex raunch, you know when the gettin’s good, but this was like a sweat waterfall.  it was a huge turnoff for me that as he’s fucking me (him on top) with my legs on his shoulders,  and yes he’s dripping sweat in buckets. Ewww.  However, I do wanna keep in touch and he wants to also, so that’s good. For being so young, Jake was very mature and cool about things. He begged me to make HIM my boytoy #1 and said I should promote him and therefore demote Richard to #2. OH IF ONLY I COULD…..BUT I CAN’T BECAUSE I’M IN LOVE WITH RICHARD….AND  ALWAYS WILL BE….

ALTHOUGH REASON AND SENSE SAYS I SHOULD LET “RICHARD THE SELFISH MANCHILD GO RUIN SOME OTHER WOMAN’S LIFE INSTEAD….but alas, i recently accepted that I should fuck around on Richard since he LIVES to fuck around on me, and hurt me and disrespect me.  WHY DO I TOLERATE IT? i need to SERIOUSLY ask myself that question. I know the good outweighs the bad, so I hangon to him, to the ‘us’ we are when things are at the best…but he’s so HATEFUL and DEEPLY BELITTLES WOMEN at the core and that’s bothering me more than ever. the things he says and the venom he says it with sometimes makes me acutely unsettled. sure i joke about how men can be pigs, etc….but the WAY he says stuff is disturbingly so clearly doesn’t care about my feelings or honoring what we have built for 5 years. (Yes, I’m bitter and angry and fuming about it…then, now, still…)


that’s it. i am officially smitten. i am on a high. i can’t stop floating on air. i feel invincible. i know manic people are often like this but i swear i can’t believe how amazing my relationship is with my main squeeze. Richard and i are seriously in tune with each other. last night was something special. there was one point where i was on my back and he was fucking my pussy while we watched some BDSM porn. then he fucked my ass. a nice hard pounding. i can’t get enough. i have NEVER been this voracious! i am 40. no spring chicken. he is 43. we’ve both been around…..and we both have confessed we have been bored by past loves. it’s like ok then at some point you just KNOW it ain’t gonna work. it’s like gee, when should i bail outta this? well richard and i met 4 1/2 years ago. i joked with friends last night that in “nyc time” that’s = to 25 years. LOL

we went to a kinky party (deliciously called Lip Service) that night. we met up with 2 other couples we like. the other 2 couples left and we realizes that we’d just hangout and chillout in the red velvet lounge area before heading back to his apt one block away. however, before we went to the party, richard was the gentleman as always by offering my several LONG, delicious hits on his makeshift pipe…nothing hard…just pot. yep, nothing like maryjane to get a party going. i’d been stressed and annoyed at my money problems plus the horrific humidity that night so a little pot was just what i needed to get my groove on.  i have not smoked in AGES.

after the party, just us two, alone in his apt (both his roommates were out) we both took showers to cool off (humidity more so than heat…it was in the 70s) then after i came into his bedroom all squeaky clean, i saw he’d put on porn. I LOVE PORN and he LOVES that i love it. he loves that i watch it.

i came so hard my legs were jelly. my knees would not work. i was spent. GLORIOUSLY spent. I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW HOT HE IS….and he can’t stop telling me how FUCKING HOT i am…his words…..i ain’t on an ego trip people, he truly adores me….so here i am at 40 and FINALLY i found my man…THE ONE…..

this was special…..this week we’ve been together more than ever. his schedule was so weird this summer that we went through patches of 2 wks or 3 wks without seeing each other. sure we text’d and called and emailed but no sex, no physical… a way it’s been great because it’s let us get creative and verbal when maybe in person we’re just more physical…it’s all a balance and i just can’t get over how great he is.

last night we learned more about each other. we just connect so well. he is SO good to me. his cock drives me crazy. i suck him so often. i can’t get enough. i rubbed his feet last night after hours of fucking. it was nice. then he pinches my nipples and used restraints and that sent me through the stratosphere. our legs, arms, body parts were so mingling i told him i felt like we were playing Twister. LOL…  when he fucks me ass i use my submissive voice and purr for him, asking him to PLEASE let me take him all in…and he slides in and i am face down while he slides in and out slow then fast….and all the while i’m face down, head turned making the best moans ever and he is growling wild and i rub my clit. last night we came so hard at the same time. sometimes he pulls out just in time to cum squirt all over my lower back. i like that or he just gets so hot he cums in my ass…i like it rough. i love it when i am face down, he’s pounding my ass and then he grabs my hair into a pigtail and pulls HARD back on my head so my neck snaps back.  we’re getting a new black dog collar soon. one with silver hoops so he can pull me towards him and i can crawl on my hands and knees to him while he tells me what a “bad kitty” i am.

so as it gets cooler, that air has such a nice cool tinge to it, i realize i am MADLY IN LOVE WITH AUTUMN and JUST as madly in love with him…..i finally found a man who is NOT scared by or threatened by my strong personality. he GETS me…and i am crazy for him… god i am in love… in love…..last night was our 4th night together….this was a record for us…’s rare our schedules allow it but OMG he treats me so well… rough as our sex is, he is kind to me. so kind.

i love a good play on words so i used the above for my title…you know, laboring the point. good one i think. you can take the analogy different ways so here are a few i came up with:

  • it’s LABOR DAY and my man is a piece of work!
  • on labor day i rest in the knowledge he’s thinking of me
  • with my man, it’s easy, not like work at all
  • i love our wild sex when my breaths are labored in the best way (wink)

you get the point, right?

honestly, Labor Day doesn’t really mean much to me other than marking the shift in fashion where the “fashion gods” (ruled by Anna Wintour, I suppose) deem it the time women must pack away white clothing and accessories until May. it always catches me off guard how the air (high of 75 instead of 95) just FEELS different now than say, from last week (scorching heat, wretched humidity.)  to paraphrase Dinah Washingtonwhat a difference a week makes!

speaking of, i am still in a daze of the most lovely form…still glowing and smiling from the leap i took into a deeper connection with my man. i could marry him. sigh….but i digress, today was about laboring, LABOR DAY, ok but my mind, writer than i am, my mind went to the idea of work and how being with Richard is anything but effort. it truly flows that easy between us. i love him. madly….(now if only i could tell him that!) but so far, i’m chickenshit. i admit it.

speaking of admitting, i did admit to my man yesterday that i wished he was with me. i said that as i relaxed at a beach in Brooklyn. normally i go to Coney Island and it’s great but it’s a certain kitsch and i just felt like a lil something different so i ventured out to another beach, Rockaway Park. i hopped on the A train and rode that bad boy all the way….wait…that phrase “rode that boy all the way to….” makes me think of Richard. (ha)….

my man is out of town this week to visit his family in TN. he’s a born & raised new yorker but he flies there to spend time with various folks every other month or so.  it was so nice that he called me from LGA before boarding. he always makes me feel special. i mean to take the time to check in with me and let me know i’m on his mind? ladies, is there any other compliment than your man showing his care for you? i melted. so he then left me a cute voicemail a few hours later saying he’s landed and was happy that he’d gotten a free upgrade on his rental car so he was cruising around in a black sports car. i joked that he is “too cool for school” and should be working that oh-so sexy retro “Night Rider” look. HA!!  it’s nice when he travels and checks in with me.

so i was sitting at the beach and took a sunny, breezy pic of me with the ocean behind me. it was a clean, fun picture that i sent to a few friends. within 5 minutes he called me. i’d text’d the pic to him bc i didn’t wanna interrupt him but he was so happy to talk to me. always calling me baby or sweetiepie (my favorite) and telling jokes and/or just phrasing anecdotes in such a way that i laugh.  ladies, again, i ask, is there anything hotter than a man who can make you laugh? as kinky as my man is, he is a GOOD person at his core. that means EVERYTHING to me.  pics relays this. he has a sweet, kind face. he’s just the bees knees. what can i say. (feel free to roll your eyes, i KNOW i’m being a cheeseball but i can’t help it. heck, it took me 40 freaking years to find this gem, i gotta get a little leeway, RIGHT?)

i am giddy at the chance to hear his voice as i’m sitting on my purple striped beach towel as he tells me how he’s only been there 24 hours but already visited tons of family. he’s having a great time and thought when he saw my text that he’d check in with me. i think it’s SO sweet how we are with each other…

i’ve felt lust. i’ve felt love. i’ve felt attraction. but this is more…this is true ADORATION.

i love that my man has longer hair than me. longer fingernails than me. thinner legs than me. all these things turn me on and are recent revelations. i just NOTICE him more, acutely, intently. I TAKE HIM IN.

i miss him. i cannot wait to see him. he doesn’t return for 5 days. when he does, though, i hope he’s well-rested because i am gonna go buck wild. (cue dream sequence music now, please, maestro…)

i want to grab him. pull him towards me. yank down his pants. fiddle with his fly. undo the button. zip down his zipper. rub him, grab his balls, finger around his tights. both thighs.  pull him out then get down on my knees (i’ve been standing until now) and lick the tip. teasing him. intensely focusing on his sexy, perfect, thick cock as well as his sexy moans of absolute bliss and enticement. i love to rub my mouth (one lip, then the other, then both lips) along his shaft up & down then suck on the tip. sometimes at this point he’ll let out one tiny drop, just enough cum to tease me. i get even more aroused because it shows he has that kind of perfect control over his body and mind (due hugely in part by his decade-long love of tantric buddhist spirituality) as well as a delicious grasp of how to prolong the lovemaking to such a level that i’ve never known before. so there i am sucking and licking and rubbing his hips and grabbing his ass while he’s being a good boy (so i tell him) by roughly pulling on my hair with both hands on my head, touching/caressing my ears, my chin, my eyes, my neck and then using both hands to pull my hair TIGHT into pigtails so that once i have my hair pulled like that i am so wet my pussy is dripping down my thighs and i tell him this so he orders me to stand up. he keeps his hands on my pigtails. i stand. i ask him which was he wants it. he orders me to put both my hands on my pigtails, to hold my pigtails for him so he has both hands free to slap me. slap me with one hand, use the other to hold my throat tight. I HAVE NO FEAR. all trust. trust abounds. i moan deep. SO DEEP when he slaps me. then he orders me back down. says to turn around, my back facing him as he walks me to the chair and tells me i will bend over now. i do. i tremble with delight and anticipation. the padding on the chair beckons me to go on a journey of abandon, NO LOOKING BACK (figuratively or literally)…he handcuffs each of my wrists to the sides of the chair arms. with each ‘click’ of the cuffs my pussy responds with wetness, more wetness. bent over, cuffed at the wrists, i ask him to take me to my happy place. he says, in a booming voice that resonates with me then and now, DID I ASK YOU TO SPEAK? i said no, no baby, i just want you. well daddy wants to play more first. you must wait. i say yes. yes baby. he goes and gets lube and/or various toys. he gets my riding crop. spanks me with it and uses the end (padded heart-shaped end) to tease my pussy. the riding crop he rubs on my left lip, my right lip and does it so skillfully i can FEEL my pussy swell…all this time we are talking naughty but in the sexiest way I’ve ever done it and heard it.e it’s tit for tat. he leads (as usual) and i just respond to his requests. while i am bent over, he says he wants to see my lily white ass so he pushes up my skirt and says “oh what a bad girl you are, no panties you bad girl? you came to me assuming i’d fuck you? well then you are one smart lady because that is exactly what i am going to do”…then just hearing that i squeal like a pig. sheer delight. my eyes are rolling back in their heads. it’s rapturous! still bent over, cuffed at the wrists, he uses the crop and spreads my legs. tap tap. my right leg goes out. tap tap. my left leg out now so that i am totally HIS.  then he slides in hard as steel and goes in and out, thrusting once. i beg for more then he says yes but first i want to play. he slaps my thighs with his dick and rubs it on the outside of my asshole. YOU TEASE! i shout….yes i am but you LOVE it….again my pussy drips…then he rubs his hands along my legs starting at my ankles then all the way up one leg then the other then starts pounding my pussy from behind so good i make sounds i never knew i would.  then he unlocks my cuffs and tells me to stand. i can barely do it because my legs are jelly. i turn around, face him but look at his chest. he says look at my face. i do. I MELT. i say please let me please you. he says what would you do for me, would you perhaps let me shove my cock in your mouth? i said yes. he orders me to sit on the chair, lay back, spread my legs. he comes to me and grabs my neck hard. my hair is a hot mess. a tangled mess. he takes one hand and wraps it around the back o f my neck to guide my face towards him. i lean in. sitting but leaning forward to my face meets his cock. he’s standing firm and pushes my face on him. the sucking sounds send me through the roof. i want to cry. i am so moved. i am so hot i come out of my chair. NO he says. stay seated. i have more plans for you, missie. thank you for sucking me. HOW DO I TASTE? i say his cock is delicious. pulls my mouth off him so that he can slap my cheek with his cock. he slaps my nose with his cock. he rubs it along my chin, jaw line and forehead. it’s hard but the skin against skin is nice.  sexy & nice. he bends over and kisses me like NO ONE ever has before. then he kisses my face. “YOU ARE A SEXY WOMAN….who is my fucking HOT baby? answer me!” i reply “I AM YOURS BABY….TOTALLY.” my breathing is shallow. quick. i talk to him in that sexy breathless way. i am utterly HIS. then he straddles me and starts kissing my ears and licking my ears, my neck and puts his tongue in my left ear then right…..then i lie down on my back and he uses a black satin sash to tie my hands together. he brags one arm then the other and i am lying there on my back with my arms above my head, black satin-tied at the wrists…then he sucks my nipples. then he straddles me, inches his way up so i am poised to take him in. he shoves his cock in my mouth and the back of my throat feels it. i used to gag but he says what a good dirty girl i am that i can take it now and he makes that special moan he only does when his cock hits my throat. he goes insane with desire. at the position i’m in, i can’t move much. i AM his. wholly his. he keeps talking dirty and sweet. he loves fucking my mouth. he’s fucking MY MOUTH, i am not fucking him. i am receiving. pure and simple. he says how pretty my face is. i can say nothing. his balls i can feel on my jaw, chin, neck. he’s fucking my mouth and my lips are so wet. when he comes, he starts while in my mouth then pulls out so it’s oozing all over. he says over and over GOOD GIRL GOOD GIRL….i lick my lips. i can’t believe how much his cum is all over my face. my whole face looks like a glazed donut. the next day my face is soft as a baby.  i wonder if cum has moisturizing properties because i swear after he gives me a cum facial my skin is SO soft the next day!

i miss him. i’ll see him in a few days. he is worth the wait…but on this LABOR DAY i rest calmly in the certainty that he feels the same way about me as i feel for him… with sex, attraction and attention is always best when mutually enjoyed.