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I’m sitting here alone. In my apartment with no roommates home. Place to myself and I glance at my bed still unmade, sheets disheveled and think OMG i got fucked so good on that bed. Richard did a good job. LOL…. Best part is that I still have his semen in my ass, my mouth AND my pussy. Nice. I really like his taste. I love tasting him, lips, cock, legs, hands, etc…there must be a primal reason why we like each other. i love being ravished by him. i love him tongue in my ear, my nose, my mouth. i love that right now his cum is still oozing out my pussy and my ass. His cock was SO fucking huge last night. I’ve known him over 5 yrs and yet last night he was bigger than usual. I noticed it when i first took him in my mouth but then when he couldn’t wait any longer, he turned me over and fucked my lily white ass and WOW. it felt EVERY INCH…yes i felt every freaking inch. then he’s pounding my ass but slowly this time. he said i want it slow, baby, so i can really FEEL you. every inch. i said, panting, oh baby, i feel every inch too! JUST THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.

I’M CRAZY ABOUT HIS COCK. He’s crazy about my ass and pussy and mouth.


this is wrote to my friend but she won’t read it bc she doesn’t approve of me staying with richard so i can’t mention him or anything about him to her….whatever….it saddens me bc i want my gal pals to support my decision even if they don’t understand it….here is what i tried to send her…
BURSTING………..EXPLODING…..with manic perfection…….

pussy perfection…..HE EXPLODED IN MY MOUTH, MY ASS…..FUCK ME GOD DaMN I AM FUCKING HIGH HIGH HIGH………RICHARD DID ME RIGHT ALL NIGHT THEN WE SLEPT (CRASHED) FOR 8 HRS THEN WOKE UP, SAID “good morning, baby, lisa…” then fucked the hell outta my pussy good and right….. WAIT, BEST PART IS ACTUALLY THIS–i am sitting here writing fucking brilliant shit right now….on a roll……focused……writing…..and did i mention writing???????? fuck yeah….i am fucking INSPIRED BY RICHARD’s COCK….and how good he felt fucking me…..holy fuck…i wanted to cry… cum that hard….holy shit…..angels sang….i am fucking LAUGHING MANIACALLY…..IF U COULD ONLY HEAR ME LAUGH RIGHT NOW YOU’D KNOW…………i know richard is what he is……i get it…it ain’t for longterm like i want…but on some level i MUST trust my own feelings and protect my heart….i am learning so much from richard…i really am…i always did….that’s why i tolerate this open bullshit…besides, i have a choice…i could cut him off…but as long as we connect like we did last night, i have to just keep that dick coming (pun intended) and coming…..fuck i am on a high and writing like a FIEND……the concert was fucking amazing………….hall and fucking oates! omg…oh my fucking word………
soul baby, soul…..daryl hall can SING…and PLAY….that man is fucking talented as hell…..fuck me that man can FUCKING move me to tears…..he played the hell outta that voice and guitar. fucking TWO encores…TWO!!!!!!!! i was nearly coming outta my fucking body……..fuck…………richard was amazing……whole night… was magic……..FUCKING MAGIC……..



i know people think food=hunger but i craved much more lately. maybe it’s all the voracious sex i have with my boytoy. i just feel more ravenous for life, truth, balance, energy since turning 40 ten months ago. that’s why i am so glad i’m back with my boyfriend, Richard. my freak.

i sense it’s a lesson on timing and being in the right place emotionally. last year i was too much a mess and now, well we’re back in each others’ lives as nature intended.

i spent last weekend strolling the High Line (amazing elevated park in NYC on the west side thus offering amazing views of the sunset in addition to fantastic skyline views to the east) with my tranny friend Barbara. she’s a professional photographer so she gave me some pointers. we both had our Canon cameras in hand. hers is way more advanced. she’s a pro but i am a mere mortal. a newbie. I have much to learn and she’s got a great eye for line, design, lighting, etc.

it was a perfectly awesome autumn afternoon. i got some amazing shots of people, buildings, flora, fauna, plants, flowers, etc. the park is really interesting.

so “hungry” is my theme today…

and i’m hungry for more….always MORE MORE MORE…more love, more sex, more expression, more photos, more food, more drink, more laughter, more truth….

Russell and some dorky 'kid' Ben Lyons with E!

Russell Brand

2 words which = liquid sex appeal

ok everyone, note that my boyfriend Richard (a virtual Russell Brand look-alike) and i are going as Russell and Katy for Halloween this year. i told Russell this fact when i stood inches from him as he autographed my book. i cannot wait. we will ROCK this shit. we are going to win as many costume contests as possible. he is so fucking sexy i go wild and since Russell and Katy are engaged, and i’d marry Richard in a heartbeat, i will enjoy channeling their love and passion.

but i digress…i am still coming off my high from getting some personal time with the man himself, yes RUSSELL BRAND in person. my first time (virgin i was! ha) seeing Russell was this week, just 24 hours ago at B&N (Barnes & Noble) at Union Square. i cannot believe the amazing video and pics i captured. i woulda taken more but i was in heat. i wanted to fuck him senseless. all night, even into day.

i will type more soon….i’ll add to this post when i can….been busy today, mentally, emotionally, cerebral neurons still firing at lightning speed from the high of seeing this VERY sexy, magnetic man in person….and lest i forget to mention, RUSSELL BRAND HUGGED ME AND SMILED AT ME WITH A HUGE GRIN THAT MAKE ME WEAK IN THE KNEES…..yet the best part? i gave him a photo of me and Richard and he loved it! really looked at it and smiled when i told him that we’re going as them for Halloween because he looks a bit like Russell…it was a cool moment.

what isn’t cool is this annoying fucking article….in the interest of fairness, i’ll include it

but for the record i was there and i didn’t see this happen. i just saw him hug almost everyone in line. this whore bitch didn’t deserve a kiss with Russell as much as i did…i’m tryin to not be bitter, but…


so Russell was very patient. he was clearly loving the hell outta this night. he clearly loves the attention. he’s a fame whore but that’s a good thing in his case. he is just LIQUID HOTNESS AND GRAND OOZER OF ALL THINGS SEXUAL….he makes me want to, well, in the words of Will Smith, i wanna GET JIGGY WIT IT….cheery-o, love!

and there are more….i took a ton of pics…i was too excited to not snap away with my cherished kickass Canon digital camera!


yes, more please…Russell, you sexy beast, British boinker, lover of debauchery and all things inherently intense and passionate and sensual…damn you for making my pussy wet!  i will wait for you…then you will be mine…well not mine but at least i got a genuine moment with him! no harm in that, right?  :^)

that’s it. i am officially smitten. i am on a high. i can’t stop floating on air. i feel invincible. i know manic people are often like this but i swear i can’t believe how amazing my relationship is with my main squeeze. Richard and i are seriously in tune with each other. last night was something special. there was one point where i was on my back and he was fucking my pussy while we watched some BDSM porn. then he fucked my ass. a nice hard pounding. i can’t get enough. i have NEVER been this voracious! i am 40. no spring chicken. he is 43. we’ve both been around…..and we both have confessed we have been bored by past loves. it’s like ok then at some point you just KNOW it ain’t gonna work. it’s like gee, when should i bail outta this? well richard and i met 4 1/2 years ago. i joked with friends last night that in “nyc time” that’s = to 25 years. LOL

we went to a kinky party (deliciously called Lip Service) that night. we met up with 2 other couples we like. the other 2 couples left and we realizes that we’d just hangout and chillout in the red velvet lounge area before heading back to his apt one block away. however, before we went to the party, richard was the gentleman as always by offering my several LONG, delicious hits on his makeshift pipe…nothing hard…just pot. yep, nothing like maryjane to get a party going. i’d been stressed and annoyed at my money problems plus the horrific humidity that night so a little pot was just what i needed to get my groove on.  i have not smoked in AGES.

after the party, just us two, alone in his apt (both his roommates were out) we both took showers to cool off (humidity more so than heat…it was in the 70s) then after i came into his bedroom all squeaky clean, i saw he’d put on porn. I LOVE PORN and he LOVES that i love it. he loves that i watch it.

i came so hard my legs were jelly. my knees would not work. i was spent. GLORIOUSLY spent. I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW HOT HE IS….and he can’t stop telling me how FUCKING HOT i am…his words…..i ain’t on an ego trip people, he truly adores me….so here i am at 40 and FINALLY i found my man…THE ONE…..

this was special…..this week we’ve been together more than ever. his schedule was so weird this summer that we went through patches of 2 wks or 3 wks without seeing each other. sure we text’d and called and emailed but no sex, no physical… a way it’s been great because it’s let us get creative and verbal when maybe in person we’re just more physical…it’s all a balance and i just can’t get over how great he is.

last night we learned more about each other. we just connect so well. he is SO good to me. his cock drives me crazy. i suck him so often. i can’t get enough. i rubbed his feet last night after hours of fucking. it was nice. then he pinches my nipples and used restraints and that sent me through the stratosphere. our legs, arms, body parts were so mingling i told him i felt like we were playing Twister. LOL…  when he fucks me ass i use my submissive voice and purr for him, asking him to PLEASE let me take him all in…and he slides in and i am face down while he slides in and out slow then fast….and all the while i’m face down, head turned making the best moans ever and he is growling wild and i rub my clit. last night we came so hard at the same time. sometimes he pulls out just in time to cum squirt all over my lower back. i like that or he just gets so hot he cums in my ass…i like it rough. i love it when i am face down, he’s pounding my ass and then he grabs my hair into a pigtail and pulls HARD back on my head so my neck snaps back.  we’re getting a new black dog collar soon. one with silver hoops so he can pull me towards him and i can crawl on my hands and knees to him while he tells me what a “bad kitty” i am.

so as it gets cooler, that air has such a nice cool tinge to it, i realize i am MADLY IN LOVE WITH AUTUMN and JUST as madly in love with him…..i finally found a man who is NOT scared by or threatened by my strong personality. he GETS me…and i am crazy for him… god i am in love… in love…..last night was our 4th night together….this was a record for us…’s rare our schedules allow it but OMG he treats me so well… rough as our sex is, he is kind to me. so kind.

Rich with Richard

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i feel like i’ve hit the lottery. i knew my man was special but this week we upped the level of intimacy and i am still glowing and smiling. Richard called me last night and said how much he loved our time together. He was right when he said “baby, i love how we took it to a whole other level between us.” Indeed we did.  I went a little cock wild! I have of course blown him before…i mean we’ve known each other 4 years.  However, things have really deepened between us which makes me happy just on that level but it’s also helped me open up to really take him in more…..LITERALLY and figuratively.  Yes, i am finally admitting that i am now a fan of deep throating. Richard loves it!


i also love it more than i ever thought i would. one of the best parts is the moans he makes. it’s cool that as ORAL as my cock sucking LONG AND DEEP is, it’s also as AURAL…and that’s perhaps the hottest part for me.  the way he squirms, moves, and the rhythm he gets is unlike any other position or sex act. clearly, as the expression goes, WE’RE ON TO SOMETHING HERE!

With him I am rich–rich with desire, lust, passion, expression, acceptance and freedom. he opens me up in many ways on many levels. he balances me. he ‘gets’ me, my mind, my humor. he appreciates me and is the smartest man i’ve met in a very long time. he dazzles. he inspires. he also makes me horny as hell.  our sex is always cutting edge. he’s clearly more advanced than me BUT only because i haven’t found the right guy with which to naughty play. so yeah, again, the ‘win the lottery’ motif because i finally found a guy worthy of my wild, freaky, all-too-often repressed side.  with Richard i am free, totally liberated.  our time together is like heaven. i seriously am in a state of bliss when we’re together. fucking like animals, licking, biting, sucking, laughing, talking…it is all enveloped in a haze of desire. i love how i can still feel him in me days afterwards. i like that residual effect of his rock hard cock pounding my every orifice. my mouth, my pussy, my ass. i love bending over and taking ALL HE HAS in this or that hole. come to me baby. come and cum. AND HE DOES.  oftentimes, as open as i am, i’ve found that the mere sounds he makes at some new position are enough to send me into a frenzy of delight.

i was talking shit to him, playing around, teasing him because i caught him yawning….well to be fair we’d spent all day running errands in the 90+ heat then several hours at the US Open and this was already 2am, so we’d both been super busy.  i told him to not flake out and go to sleep on me (he never has) because as tired as i was, i was WAY more horny! so we start kissing, those sweet, light baby kisses, you know great foreplay….then we got all freaky and OH. MY. WORD……i suddenly went buck wild and told him i want him from behind. i bent over the chair (thank god it has padding) and grabbed the metal frame on the sides and squealed with joy as he pounded my sweet white ass while i rubbed my clit. we had a cool summer club mix CD playing with tons of Lady Gaga and the moment was right. ALL NIGHT. he fucked my ass for so long that eventually (hours later?) when he did step out to use the restroom, i was further surprised (pleasantly) that my legs wobbled. i could barely stand! my legs literally tingled. no strength in my legs. i’d been bent over so long my legs were like jelly. then he returned and one look at him, smelling his body, his hair all meant another marathon.

we fucked more.

i turned over so he faced me and he pulled my legs up in the air, held onto my tiny ankles and fucked my kitty so i was purring with pleasure. he held my ankles like a skier holds his poles as he race down the slope. he’d move me left, then right, my hips moving with his…at this point i realize i’ve hit that delirious point where i am in rapture. pleasure is pouring from pores. my hair, once flat-ironed straight has become a tangled, lovely hot mess of a bird‘s next flying in every direction. erection is on hold as Richard keeps it hard and waits til JUST the right time to plow me good and hard right before he cums. we fuck at angles i never knew existed…