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1st new post of new year (albeit a little later than intended)…sorry about that, although i realize i may just be apologizing to 3 or 4 people, since that’s all who probably read this. i love my manic in manhattan phrase…and blog…i just forget to post here. i journal all the freaking time, you know, old school style by handwriting scribble down at all hours with a pen and writing on a journal of paper. yeah, it’s kinda old school of me….like me i was talking on a landline phone and dialing a number on a rotary dial. you get my point. anyways, so i will try to post more here. i just wish more people knew about it. i haven’t told a single person i know. i purposely don’t post any personal pics of me or my boyfriend. i just like the rare place where i can be totally anonymous.

so here are my TWO first pix of the new year…

the fancy dish is of brussel sprouts with a cute “xoxo” drizzled on the dish. it was one of the items my boyfriend and i enjoyed for our romantic Valentine’s dinner on that romantic night where he was so romantic. you get my drift. i say that because Richard really blew my mind and surprised me and made me feel so special. i just don’t know how to handle that. sure i’m SPECIAL as long as i’m right there with him, but when i’m not with him, god only knows who he is fucking and/or talking to and smiling to and….again, you get my drift.  ok so the 2nd pic is of me, well just me from knee down…i have a thing for socks, sexy socks. it’s not an overtly foot fetish thing but rather i just love tights, hosiery, socks, shoes. Richard calls me “adorkable” and nerdy hot whe i wear these socks. we love to fuck with me keeping my socks on and nothing else. i like it. those socks are sexy aren’t they?

i’ll post more soon. i promise…xoxo Lisa (aka “manic in manhattan”)