Did an open marriage kill Demi and Ashton’s union? (Page Six)

Posted: December 7, 2011 in forgiveness, relationship
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I didn’t think they had an open marriage…I mean maybe douchebag cocky overrated jerk Ashton THOUGHT they were ‘open’ but Demi seems too traditional to tolerate that…

  1. AthenaVox says:

    Sad news about their relationship. But after a certain age I don’t think open relationships work.

    • first, thanks for commenting. i really put myself out there and i just wish more people knew about my blog. so i agree with your point that you suggest that open relationships are just not as feasible as we get older. i simply CANNOT shake the feeling (hence my writing this public blog about my private issues) that the whole ‘open’ thing is just not ideal once a person reaches a certain age and/or maturity. i’m not saying being ‘open’ is necessarily immature. not at all. to each his own and as long as BOTH parties involved feel the same way about open being the ideal, good for them. however, for me, open is revolting. i don’t want to share my beau unless it’s a 3-way where i’m on board and i am PRESENT. i don’t like the open thing because i hate the feeling that whenever i am not around, he is fucking every stupid bimbo he wants. but i digress, back to your point, i don’t say a certain number because age is so relative. i am a very young 42 but my brother, for instance is an old soul, a truly wise guy at 24. i just know that for me, being open would be for someone who’s in a place still where they want and need to experiment and play the field. for me, that was my 20s and 30s. however, once i turned 40, two things happened that surprised the hell out of me. FIRST: when i turned 40, i became a horny, sex-crazed machine! i was blown away by how i desired sex 24/7. now i knew what most men feel most of the time. men may peak at 18 but once i turned 40, i felt that i’d finally hit MY peak! i can’t get enough sex. i can’t! SECOND: i knew what i wanted in a relationship more than ever, and trusted myself and my boundaries and my gut instinct more, SOOOOO, when my IDEAL MAN, my guy i have waited for ALL MY LIFE (sigh…) came into my life, it was KISMET. seriously, i have never desired any man more than i do my boyfriend Richard. i can understand the whole “let’s be open because i put my freedom is #1″ argument (which my boyfriend richard says ad nauseum) to a point but NOT for me with my Richard. he pushes the whole freedom thing too far. sure i can play, flirt, kiss and have 3-ways with Richard. i’m fine with that. but i just wonder WHEN is enough, enough? ya know? so yeah, i just feel that being open and experimenting is ok for younger folks but at some point (WHAT POINT, preytell?!) do we GROW UP? i am not talking about settling down in a boring, traditional marriage and/or minivan and 2.5 kids. GROSS. i don’t want that but i want my OWN kind of normalcy. i want to feel we’re committed to each other somehow. i just wonder if my boyfriend is worth it. i just can’t stand sharing him unless i’m there at the time and partaking in the ‘fun’ and raunch.

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