i’ve hit a nice stride…and i love him

Posted: May 20, 2011 in manhattan

things have been great. i miss him when he travels for work, even though it’s usually in the tri-state area. still, as much as we adore each other, we’re both so independent that we love our freedom and space. so lately, due to clear, blunt, open talk, we’re better than ever….i’m still not happy with the open relationship thing, i’d prefer a more “just fuck me” thing which would still let both of us flirt and even kiss but fucking is another thing. i just don’t wanna think of him fucking around on me, even if do know about it. however, there is a flip side to all this open relationship stuff and that is the old adage “tit for tat” or “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander” so i have found that since he WANTS and actually DEMANDS that his relationship(s) be ONLY open, i  figure if he can explore other people, by golly so can i….so if i want to sleep with a guy, i will….lord knows he would sleep with someone else, so why not me too….equal opportunity, right?  listen, if there’s one’s thing about open relationships i have learned, it’s that communication is more important than anything else. everything else comes second to the ability to TALK….openly….and really EXPLAIN what you want and what you don’t and BLUNTLY state how you see things. in short, boundaries are crucial….so crucial.  therefore, in that way, looking at it that way, open relationships can be the most healthy.  go figure.

i swear i can’t get enough of naughty graffiti scrawled on subway signs….

also for the record, i wanted to share that i have learned so much from the open forums and discussion groups on fetlife. anyone in the more kinky mindset like me and/or into BDSM really has to join. it’s for like-minded people and i’ve found it to be the most positive, educational, encouraging site. 


to my fellow freaks, geeks and sexy people, check it out at: http://fetlife.com/


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