betrayal 10-21-2010

Posted: November 28, 2010 in betrayal, manhattan, manic, nyc, sexuality

i could rant & bitch…but this IM chat with my sexy friend Mimi in Miami says it all

i’m just now posting this after thanksgiving because i couldn’t bear to dwell on it at the time. i needed a little space. i’ll be catching up soon in terms of current life stuff and posting in a more timely manner.

thanks for reading!


Me:  I got a writing gig! I am writing for!

Mimi : awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Me: how exciting. and yes i get paid. only a little. but it’s cool.

mimi : My baby’s a gifted wrter

Me: aw yeah. thanks honey. i wanna be your baby SO MUCH. i wish you were here. i am TOTALLY heartbroken. but i’m more pissed than hurt

mimi : why, why? tell me, love?

Me: i cannot tolerate disrespect. you know? so yeah i think richard is a TOTAL asshole.

mimi : wow… what happened?

Me: i wanted to hear him a new asshole. oh yeah….just when things are getting so perfect btw us, he fucking ruins it…pun WAS intended. ahem…yes it’s major.

mimi : he was cheating?

Me: i smoked pot last night and had a beer then a few vodka cocktails AND it was a full moon, SO that coulda had somethin to do with my mood. worse than cheating. that i could handle, in a way MUCH better than this. honey…..i want to cry. i can barely type this.

mimi : type it…what’s up

Me: a kinda kinky but not raunchy but FUN party….held monthly it’s a party called Lip Service. we’ve gone a few times. it’s always been sexy fun. not raunchy but a little naughty. sexy crowd, mainly couples.

mimi : yeah…you told me you were going to?

Me: a “kissing party” they call it. you have to dress to impress. chic sexy “bordello” dress. you know, dark red lighting, velvet chaise lounges to recline on and someone always starts a game of spin the bottle. silly but sexy.

mimi : uh huh

Me: so we went. i smoked pot before. i’d been stressed. so maybe that made me PARANOID….oh geez louise, but anywho so i was just kinda bummed bc a few couples we always chat with there didn’t come. it’s monthly so it’s like ok, so what but i dunno i just kinda felt ‘off’ all night then after 1am richard and i were making out and it was so sexy and he was kissing me so erotically and it was all so great….we were JUSt getting to leave, almost headed to the door when this FUCKING BITCH comes up way too strong, like just eww. i was not into her. she said, so do you 2 wanna have a 3-some? richard gets all fucking slapass stupid like he’s never had pussy right? FUCK…i mean my god what a douchebag. so i stand there and i say nothing. like DUH bitch i am not into you. richard starts grinding her, grabbing her tits and he’s walking out taking her with him to his apt 1 block away. so i grab the bitch’s boyfriend and he’s SUPER great and nice. we just chatted. nothing sexual. so he and i felt like the 3rd wheel…open is one thing but he starts fucking her right in front of me. i almost threw up. i was literally sick. i ran to the bathroom while he kept fucking her and she was screaming, moaning, and i was going CRAZY with rage.

mimi : wtf

Me: i felt sick i want to kill him. it came outta nowhere.

mimi : what’s up with that…

Me: sure, my god you know i am all down with a 3way but only with YOU, baby!

mimi : that’s what rookie would do

Me: i am SELECTIVE. but no…….this bitch was skanky. thank god he used a condom but still……then he was so tired after fucking HER with me crying in the bathroom down the hall, that he had the NERVE to crawl into bed and i was stuck on the couch alone. I GOT NO SEX! NONE. that bitch was skanky. was said it was all aobut HER. her! AS IF!!

mimi : baby…

Me: AS IF!!!! “bitch,” i said “it’s not. it’s about ME not you!”

mimi : but here’s the thing….

Me: i am so mad. how DARE he disrespcect me. i know. i kinda asked for it. the whole OPEN thing right?

mimi : once you see that his judgement is flawed like that…it’s hard to trust that he even used a condom

Me: no, i saw him. he did see him put it on. but i feel he has NO class. i mean to demean me? how dare he!

mimi : plus… he would do it again? you saw him fuck her?

Me: he clearly doesn’t value me. THAT makes me sad. yes….at first he was like, go eat lisa’s pussy while i finger you…

mimi : that’s what disheartening

Me: then i saw him put on a condom and he started pounding her from behind with her facing me. seeing her moan and her face and screaming while MY man is in her made me wanna vomit. i got so sick of it, being such a 3rd party to it that i ran out. he never asked about me. never came for me.

mimi : what happened to her b/f?

Me: then i she was a LOUD nasty bitch. ricahrd has 2 roommates. imagine my HORROR when i am in the kitchen and the roommate hears fucking sounds from the hallway and i am in the kitchen and richard is clearly NOT fucking me. oh he was a total gentleman. he felt so bad for me that he sat in the bathroom with me while i cried.

mimi : oh, baby….

Me: he just talked to me. told me that maybe the open thing isn’t for me. he was so nice. he loves my texan voice. he told me he has a thing for tx girls! i told him i should “get back” at richard by riding his cock in front of that bitch and richard. haha. he says he doens’t mind her fucking others…..i said not me. i want richard or at least agree who we fuck. i am for 3ways but VERY picky. he felt SO bad for me…..but richard kept saying “lisa, baby what’s wrong”? like how dare he! he asked, lisa why did you leave the room? HOW CAN HE HAVE BEEN SO CALLOUS????????????????? HOW?

mimi : honey… he basically ruined it

Me: DAMN……..I WAS AFRAID YOU’D SAY THAT. now i really am upset

mimi : even if you guys mend up … it can not be the same.

Me: why? he was so nice even like 15 min before that.

mimi : he did

Me: it was weird

mimi : that was so fuckin’ brainless of him

Me: he was so into me and this bitch kept asking me if i was OK with her fucking richard…i stood there and said nothing…so richard grabs her and says OH YES LISA IS TOTALLY FINE WITH THAT”….bullshit. that was so fucking cruel….and how DARE he speak for me! how dare he. honey you know i LOVE being vocal but she was skanky!

mimi : yuck

Me: i tried at first but laid on my back and she pulled my fishnet tights down and she started eating my pussy. but i was SO not into it. i can’t stand her. i fucking hated her nasty snatch and cheesy tacky blonde platinum dye job. can you imagine? i was SO turned off. and here i am lying on my back, she is btw my legs trying to eat me (gross) and here comes mister fucker all hard…. and he starts plowing her with me right under her! the girls’ boyfriend is watching. he told me he is a voyeur. that’s fine for them. i get it. but i wasn’t respected. PERIOD. that’s cool. no prob. ok? but he felt bad for me. he did. omg he text’d me 3 times after they left. he felt so bad. he really liked me. and was in a cool way. not sexual but like “look, lisa, i liked mtg you. i am sorry you got hurt.” I FEEL TOTALLY DEGRADED. watching richard’s face made me sick. he was so horny. she is fat. way fatter than me. i was grossed out. wasnt that just insulting? HE HAS BEEN SO WONDERFUL…i just felt like it wasn’t the richard i have been with. and it’s not like he doens’t get enough. we were fucking so much…. but i saw, he DID use a condom. with her he did. the sounds were the worst part. NOT GOOD. i literally felt nauseous! !!!! she had the nerve to say, well i’m all for a 3-way what’s in it for me? so of course she left and the guy went with her….and then ricahrd left me alone. alone!

mimi : what the fuck…

Me: i am there, after the sounds of hell and torture, he goes to bed, to sleep. SNORING RIGHT AWAY. SAYS HE TIRED. SORRY LISA I AM TIRED……

mimi : what do you mean…alone. He left?

Me: as if i wanted him then! no no… i was left alone. on the couch. he was in his bed. i was stuck on the couch.

mimi : ohh…fuck

Me: him snoring, me fuming, manic, SO MANIC!

mimi : lousy

Me: no sex, none

mimi : even if he wanted sex… now you’re replused

Me: that girl’s boyfrined did kiss me so sweet. but nothing sexual. i only saw the guy’s cock bc i was crying in the bathroom and he came in there to console me and then he said well, i should pee while i’m here. so i just sat there.

mimi : the fuckin same cock that fucked that you?

Me: I know. not that he offered but the idea that he was SO TIRED that he couldn’t even talk to me.

Mimi : lol…how was his cock?

Me: I wanted to fuck him, her boyfriend. he was cute and so nice to me. really KIND Mimi. so yeah, when I peed I said omg you’re huge! he said well you’re from Texas, maybe u can be my cowgirl and ride me!

Mimi : lol

Me: it was sexy. you know, done the RIGHT way. so now what? we’ve really built something together, or at least I thought. Mimi, you know, the past 8 months with Richard has been crazy good.

Mimi : That’s why I have huge respect for Abe. He won’t do brainless shit like that…I would also be repulsed.

Me: yes I was repulsed. wish Abe was here. I need consolation!

Mimi : wish I could just zip him and e-mail him to you, baby. I would really want him to fuck my girlfriend like she’s never before… ALL night for me

Me: oh and he had the nerve to mention you, like ‘when is Mimi gonna come to NYC” please. if you came we’d be each other’s playthings. he would be UNNECESSARY! lol

Mimi : Yeah… totally.


Mimi : Are you on a PC?

Me: sadly, just hours before this HORRIBLE fuckup, I paid $100 for us to attend a fabulous Halloween party. so now what? is that it? even worse, Mimi, baby, is that now, fuck….I don’t know….fuck….what to do?

Mimi : yeah… take someone worthy

Me: we had major COUPLE plans like we had this whole thing planned for Halloween. now what? no…I think I wanna just cancel. should I? the party is actually Nov 6th.

Mimi : baby… Halloween is just a date on a calendar … don’t sweat it. It’s not the end of the world. You paid for the ticket?

Me: he said he’d pay me his half next wk but I had to go ahead and write a $100 check for our 2 RSVP spots. $50 each. yes….I pd for BOTH tix. he didn’t have the $$ so I pd for us both bc the RSVP was that night for $50/ea or if we waited 3 days, it would be $60 each. now what? fuck

Mimi : take a friend .. a good friend. Doesn’t matter if it a sexual friend or not..just go enjoy it


  1. AthenaVox says:

    Ummm…let me see if I got this. You do 3 ways with your man and you’re upset that he fucked someone in front of you?

    Okay, by agreeing to have 3 ways and having an open relationship, I just don’t see that he did anything out of bounds. He is holding up his end of the bargain. He’s fucking other women and you can participate or not. You want him to follow a protocol –get your “ok” or stamp of approval and he didn’t. By nature of your open kinkiness with Richard, I don’t see he did anything wrong.

    You added rules to a situation where he doesn’t have to follow them. That’s the nature of sexual freedom. I’m sorry this event bothered you and your emotions got the best of you. You have emotions with sex. Richard doesn’t. You’re going to continue to be hurt by this man but according to the open relationship you agreed to, he’s not doing anything wrong.

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