i know people think food=hunger but i craved much more lately. maybe it’s all the voracious sex i have with my boytoy. i just feel more ravenous for life, truth, balance, energy since turning 40 ten months ago. that’s why i am so glad i’m back with my boyfriend, Richard. my freak.

i sense it’s a lesson on timing and being in the right place emotionally. last year i was too much a mess and now, well we’re back in each others’ lives as nature intended.

i spent last weekend strolling the High Line (amazing elevated park in NYC on the west side thus offering amazing views of the sunset in addition to fantastic skyline views to the east) with my tranny friend Barbara. she’s a professional photographer so she gave me some pointers. we both had our Canon cameras in hand. hers is way more advanced. she’s a pro but i am a mere mortal. a newbie. I have much to learn and she’s got a great eye for line, design, lighting, etc.

it was a perfectly awesome autumn afternoon. i got some amazing shots of people, buildings, flora, fauna, plants, flowers, etc. the park is really interesting.

so “hungry” is my theme today…

and i’m hungry for more….always MORE MORE MORE…more love, more sex, more expression, more photos, more food, more drink, more laughter, more truth….


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