Sexy Brand – Rustled by Russell

Posted: October 15, 2010 in manhattan, manic, nyc, sexual, sexuality
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Russell and some dorky 'kid' Ben Lyons with E!

Russell Brand

2 words which = liquid sex appeal

ok everyone, note that my boyfriend Richard (a virtual Russell Brand look-alike) and i are going as Russell and Katy for Halloween this year. i told Russell this fact when i stood inches from him as he autographed my book. i cannot wait. we will ROCK this shit. we are going to win as many costume contests as possible. he is so fucking sexy i go wild and since Russell and Katy are engaged, and i’d marry Richard in a heartbeat, i will enjoy channeling their love and passion.

but i digress…i am still coming off my high from getting some personal time with the man himself, yes RUSSELL BRAND in person. my first time (virgin i was! ha) seeing Russell was this week, just 24 hours ago at B&N (Barnes & Noble) at Union Square. i cannot believe the amazing video and pics i captured. i woulda taken more but i was in heat. i wanted to fuck him senseless. all night, even into day.

i will type more soon….i’ll add to this post when i can….been busy today, mentally, emotionally, cerebral neurons still firing at lightning speed from the high of seeing this VERY sexy, magnetic man in person….and lest i forget to mention, RUSSELL BRAND HUGGED ME AND SMILED AT ME WITH A HUGE GRIN THAT MAKE ME WEAK IN THE KNEES…..yet the best part? i gave him a photo of me and Richard and he loved it! really looked at it and smiled when i told him that we’re going as them for Halloween because he looks a bit like Russell…it was a cool moment.

what isn’t cool is this annoying fucking article….in the interest of fairness, i’ll include it

but for the record i was there and i didn’t see this happen. i just saw him hug almost everyone in line. this whore bitch didn’t deserve a kiss with Russell as much as i did…i’m tryin to not be bitter, but…


so Russell was very patient. he was clearly loving the hell outta this night. he clearly loves the attention. he’s a fame whore but that’s a good thing in his case. he is just LIQUID HOTNESS AND GRAND OOZER OF ALL THINGS SEXUAL….he makes me want to, well, in the words of Will Smith, i wanna GET JIGGY WIT IT….cheery-o, love!

and there are more….i took a ton of pics…i was too excited to not snap away with my cherished kickass Canon digital camera!


yes, more please…Russell, you sexy beast, British boinker, lover of debauchery and all things inherently intense and passionate and sensual…damn you for making my pussy wet!  i will wait for you…then you will be mine…well not mine but at least i got a genuine moment with him! no harm in that, right?  :^)


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