Rich with Richard

Posted: September 2, 2010 in fetish, manhattan, manic, nyc, porn, sexual, sexuality

i feel like i’ve hit the lottery. i knew my man was special but this week we upped the level of intimacy and i am still glowing and smiling. Richard called me last night and said how much he loved our time together. He was right when he said “baby, i love how we took it to a whole other level between us.” Indeed we did.  I went a little cock wild! I have of course blown him before…i mean we’ve known each other 4 years.  However, things have really deepened between us which makes me happy just on that level but it’s also helped me open up to really take him in more…..LITERALLY and figuratively.  Yes, i am finally admitting that i am now a fan of deep throating. Richard loves it!


i also love it more than i ever thought i would. one of the best parts is the moans he makes. it’s cool that as ORAL as my cock sucking LONG AND DEEP is, it’s also as AURAL…and that’s perhaps the hottest part for me.  the way he squirms, moves, and the rhythm he gets is unlike any other position or sex act. clearly, as the expression goes, WE’RE ON TO SOMETHING HERE!

With him I am rich–rich with desire, lust, passion, expression, acceptance and freedom. he opens me up in many ways on many levels. he balances me. he ‘gets’ me, my mind, my humor. he appreciates me and is the smartest man i’ve met in a very long time. he dazzles. he inspires. he also makes me horny as hell.  our sex is always cutting edge. he’s clearly more advanced than me BUT only because i haven’t found the right guy with which to naughty play. so yeah, again, the ‘win the lottery’ motif because i finally found a guy worthy of my wild, freaky, all-too-often repressed side.  with Richard i am free, totally liberated.  our time together is like heaven. i seriously am in a state of bliss when we’re together. fucking like animals, licking, biting, sucking, laughing, talking…it is all enveloped in a haze of desire. i love how i can still feel him in me days afterwards. i like that residual effect of his rock hard cock pounding my every orifice. my mouth, my pussy, my ass. i love bending over and taking ALL HE HAS in this or that hole. come to me baby. come and cum. AND HE DOES.  oftentimes, as open as i am, i’ve found that the mere sounds he makes at some new position are enough to send me into a frenzy of delight.

i was talking shit to him, playing around, teasing him because i caught him yawning….well to be fair we’d spent all day running errands in the 90+ heat then several hours at the US Open and this was already 2am, so we’d both been super busy.  i told him to not flake out and go to sleep on me (he never has) because as tired as i was, i was WAY more horny! so we start kissing, those sweet, light baby kisses, you know great foreplay….then we got all freaky and OH. MY. WORD……i suddenly went buck wild and told him i want him from behind. i bent over the chair (thank god it has padding) and grabbed the metal frame on the sides and squealed with joy as he pounded my sweet white ass while i rubbed my clit. we had a cool summer club mix CD playing with tons of Lady Gaga and the moment was right. ALL NIGHT. he fucked my ass for so long that eventually (hours later?) when he did step out to use the restroom, i was further surprised (pleasantly) that my legs wobbled. i could barely stand! my legs literally tingled. no strength in my legs. i’d been bent over so long my legs were like jelly. then he returned and one look at him, smelling his body, his hair all meant another marathon.

we fucked more.

i turned over so he faced me and he pulled my legs up in the air, held onto my tiny ankles and fucked my kitty so i was purring with pleasure. he held my ankles like a skier holds his poles as he race down the slope. he’d move me left, then right, my hips moving with his…at this point i realize i’ve hit that delirious point where i am in rapture. pleasure is pouring from pores. my hair, once flat-ironed straight has become a tangled, lovely hot mess of a bird‘s next flying in every direction. erection is on hold as Richard keeps it hard and waits til JUST the right time to plow me good and hard right before he cums. we fuck at angles i never knew existed…



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